Patriot’s Point


This past weekend my husband and I visited Patriot’s Point in South Carolina. It was actually part of KantaiCon, but we couldn’t go with the group since they were meeting at 12 and that’s the time we had to leave to drive home. So we actually started our tour at 9am right when it opened! ^_^ It was definitely a fun experience and we learned a lot, but it was SOOOOOO HOT in there. I was really happy that I didn’t wear my cosplay because I would have DIED!

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Bon Odori Festival 2015

Long time, no blog, eh? I can’t keep a schedule with my blog. I used to blog whenever I felt like (which used to be twice a day), but I don’t have much to say anymore, haha! Anyway, I went to a Bon Odori Festival near me last Saturday, mainly because I was interested since it’s a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors.


There were about 4 stalls outside with food for sale and some little games and activities. Inside was a huge stage, which I’ve seen in a lot of Bon Odori pictures. There tables lines up along the walls with sushi bentos, shops selling kimonos and accessories, and more. There was an information table for people who were interested in visiting Japan. I grabbed a bunch of those! I’m really interested in visiting Nara Park.


Other events they had going on was a Bon Odori dance, a tea ceremony, and you could even get your name written in Japanese! It was overall pretty neat, but still wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought it would be outside in a grassy area with booths on either side while you walk down an aisle full of people. haha Maybe I just watch too much anime. xD

I didn’t take as many pictures as I had wanted to. Most of the walking area was really dark and had too many people to take proper photos. You can view the few other photos that I took on my Facebook page. And while you’re there, why not give the page a like? ;D

Have you ever been to a Bon Odori Festival, even if it wasn’t in Japan?

Loot from Animazement 2015


This post is totally a month late, but you know… life gets hectic around here. :p So all of this stuff is what we picked up from Animazement when we went last month. A few things aren’t pictured like a $5 t-shirt from AZ 2013 (what a deal, right? haha) but the majority of the stuff is here.


A handmade catopus and Butterbeer scented lotion! Let me tell you that this lotion smells EXACTLY like butterbeer (or the butterbeer that I’ve smelled before anyway). Usually anything HP related at an anime convention, I buy. Because #harrypotter.

The plushie was too cute to pass up, too. It even has little paws on the bottom (see below). I HAD TO BUY HER! Haven’t named her yet though… any suggestions? :p




There was a little booth that had lego characters and animals like Rilakkuma, panda bears, and a lot more. My memory is horrible, I can’t remember the others. But my husband spotted Charizard and it was a done deal!


I loveee this print so much! I think it was on sale for $1 because the artist was trying to get rid of older prints so she can bring in new ones. I felt so lucky to get a print I actually love for just $1! And it’s a full size (8.5×11) so it was a steal! Kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.


The face masks weren’t really bought because we wanted them, but mainly because people were getting sick and people also smelled… horrible. So my husband wore a mask and I went for as long as I could without one, haha! But these masks are cute, so I’ll be wearing one any time we go to a convention.


My favorite of all, I think. Draculaura from Monster High. She is my FAVORITE. And this print is just everything to me. Creepy, cute, a little girly gothic… YES. <3

Animazement 2015


I went to Animazement during Memorial Day weekend, which is when it’s hosted every year. I didn’t take as many pictures as I have in previous years because it was the same week as my surgery and I spent a LOT of time sleeping/resting. But during the time that I was up and walking around, I had a lot of fun… before my medicine knocked me out again. haha



Angel and Yuri from Angel Beats! I normally only see a Yuri cosplay, but these two were together, which just made it better. :)


Crispin Freeman’s Q&A panel was hosted in the ballroom, which at first I thought was too large of a room for that. But once I saw the turn out, I’m really glad they held it in there. SO MANY FANS! I didn’t know anything about him except that he voices Kyon from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (my favorite, remember?). But we got to know a lot about him from his introduction and then some of the questions that people were asking him. I felt very impressed with him after the panel and let’s just say that he’s now one of my favorites!

One sad part is when he said that Haruhi isn’t his type. *cries* He said Kyon would date Haruhi, but Crispin would date Yuki. HAHA I was in my Haruhi cosplay, too.


Howl’s Moving Castle! sdkjfbdjfhj!!





Two cosplays from KanColle!




Freaking Midna. This was such an awesome cosplay! Look at the girl’s face in the background in the first one. xD


I guess she didn’t like Midna as much as I did.



My husband and I were talking about how we ALWAYS see Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden, but we never see her sister Souseiseki (above). SO we decided that I would cosplay as her, but THEN WE SAW HER. I shouted at her from a balcony and chased her down just for a picture. She sewed the cosplay herself, too! Love it.

That’s all the pictures I took. D: We did buy some things in Artist Alley and the Dealer’s room, so I’ll post all of that stuff later this week! Lots of cute stuff! ^_^

1 Up Box: Sidekick


I received the sidekick 1 up box about two weeks ago and I’m just now getting around to posting about it. I’m not going to get into any details about the prices of each item because I am not happy with the contents at all, so why bother?


The last 1 Up box that I received left me really impressed. I loved everything that was included in the box and felt as though this subscription box would be worth it. After receiving pretty much an entire box of Adventure Time items, I was just done.


My husband made a good point to me about this whole subscription box craze. Every month you pay X amount of dollars for a box filled with items you don’t even know if you’ll enjoy or not. If you saved the X amount of dollars by canceling the subscription, you could buy thing you actually WOULD enjoy having.

I tried to argue that it’s the surprise element of it, but my husband is better at arguing than I am, soooo yeah. Haha.



I was VERY disappointed that there weren’t many other sidekicks featured in this box. I can name sidekicks off the top of my head that are considered “geeky” and could have been included.


Sure, there’s a Robin (Batman) necklace. But really, how often am I going to wear that?! And the bracelet is just a generic rubber bracelet… no characters on it just “I love my sidekick”. I’m never going to wear that. In my mind if I saw someone wearing it, I’d ask them who their sidekick is. BECAUSE THERE ISN’T A FACE ON THE BRACELET. I’m overreacting.


Oh and when I saw this shirt, it was folded so neatly to where only Yoshi was shown. I had an inkling of excitement running through my veins… and then I saw BMO. -_-

If you couldn’t tell, I’m not a fan of Adventure Time and I’m quite displeased with this box considering the majority of it is ADVENTURE TIMEEEEEE!

Did you get the Sidekick box from 1 Up? How did you like it?