March 2015 Goals


I really need to keep this goal setting mood going! Even if I don’t accomplish all of my goals, I’m still taking steps to get there. Positive thoughts!

1. Drink a half gallon of water every day for two weeks. I actually started this in February, but I lasted only a day. I drink water almost every day, but not half a gallon. haha! I will do this though. I’m determined.

2. Stretch every day. I have been interested in doing yoga for a month now. I kinda stretch when my husband tells me to and coaches me on what stretches to do, but I want to break that tie and be able to do it on my own. Sounds silly. :p

3. Finish my website collective. I had a collective of websites back in 2005, but you know, I disappeared from the ‘net because I was busy taking care of my kids. But my collective will be back in March (I hope!) and then you can see all of the sites that I own and contribute to, along with every domain I have ever owned (kind of like on my about page).

4. Open my new shop. I know, I know. I have a shop for wedding and party decorations and then another shop for WordPress themes and Lightroom presets. But this one isn’t just going to be a shop that sits there. All of my extra time and energy over the last month has gone into getting it ready. I just love to do everything!

Let’s take a look at my February 2015 goals:
1. Re-join all of the fanlistings that I was a part of 10 years ago. – 100% done!
I re-joined all of them and/or updated my information! That day was exhausting.

2. Finish revamping this entire blog. – 50% done!
I actually revamped a large portion of the posts on here. There’s just so many, that I’m not quite finished yet!

3. Read two new books. – 3% done!
Yeah. I have trouble focusing on reading. :p

4. Get rid of 50 items. – 150% done!
I purged my closet, the kids toys and clothes, and then random things in the kitchen. I donated the majority of it to Goodwill, but I did sell quite a bit on eBay. I went way over 50 items!

What are some of your goals for March? What did you accomplish in February?