Sweets from Germany


Hey guys! I haven’t really posted this week since I have been recovering from my surgery that I had on Tuesday. I’ve either been in a lot of pain, or really sick from the pain medicine that I have to take. Which all prevented me from being online and getting things done. So I’m WAYYY behind! Hopefully I’ll be catching up soon!

ANYWAY I have this awesome friend named Maron who lives in Germany and she sent me a ton of sweets last week! Almost all of it is gone since I kind of binged on it while watching Gilmore Girls. I figured I would share pictures of the stuff and tell you my favorites. ^_^ THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SENDING ALL OF THIS, MARON! I LOVE YOU! ♥ ♥


She definitely put in a good mixture of candy in the box; some gummies and chocolate! By the way, the box she sent it in is actually the background of the featured image of this post. It was the cutest box! ♥



The Giotto and Raffaello were kind of similar, but totally different… if that makes sense. Giotto’s are little balls of chocolate sprinkled with hazelnut (I’m assuming) with hazelnut creme inside. And the Raffaello is white chocolate with coconut sprinkled on the outside. I don’t know what the creme is inside, but there’s a nut in the middle like the Ferrero Rocher in the USA do. I’m pretty sure these are all made by the same company. But if I’m wrong… hey, I’m American! xD



There were a lot of Haribo gummies in the box, too! I loveeee Haribo gummy bears, so to try other stuff by Haribo was really fun! I loved the Smurfs gummies! I think they were my favorite. Maybe I just really like Smurfs, idk.



I finally tried some of the Marzipan for the first time and BOY WAS IT YUMMY! My husband had to stop me from eating because I was just inhaling all of it. haha! It’s really hard to say which candy was my favorite out of all of them because everything tasted so sweet and delicious!

Which candy featured in this post seems like one you’d like to try?

My Top 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows


There are sooo many TV shows that are really popular and that I enjoy watching! Some of them I can watch over and over again just because they’re THAT GOOD. Here are my top 5 binge worth TV shows! The ones I haven’t gotten bored of, haha. ;)


1. Charmed – This is actually my first run through with the series, but I am loving it so much! I can watch through a dozen episodes in a day, which I guess explains how I reached season 4 so quickly. haha!


2. Once Upon A Time – This show is utterly addicting with all of the unique twists on our favorite fairy tale characters. Currently shipping #OutlawQueen for realllll.


3. Law & Order: SVU – There’s just something about crime drama TV shows that keeps my eyeballs glued to the screen and wanting more. Special Victims Unit is definitely my all-time favorite!


4. Friends – Do I really need to explain this one? I watched this one through for the first time last year and it was seriously one of the best shows ever! I can’t believe I hadn’t watched it before then!


5. One Tree Hill – This has always been my go-to show to binge watch! I could repeat almost every line from seasons 1-3 since those are my favorite and most watched.

SO there you have it! My top 5 most binge worthy TV shows! ♥ Of course there are a lot more that I could watch over again like House, American Horror Story, and uhm… I like watching Hercules. HAHA!

I am behind on a LOT of shows though. Like I’ve never ever seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, or Doctor Who. I have a lot of TV watching to do! :p

Do you watch any of these shows? What are your top 5 most binge worthy TV shows?

Arcade Block: April 2015


This is my first time ordering Arcade Block (from the creators of Nerd Block), so I didn’t really know what to expect since it’s a video game mystery box.


  • Skylanders Figure (valued at $9)
  • Video Games Live: Level 4 (valued at about $10)
  • Treasure Chest Zipper Pull (valued at $3)
  • Retro Magazine (valued at $7)
  • Pac-Man Salt & Pepper Shakers (valued at $15)
  • Kingdom Hearts T-shirt (valued at $10, but exclusive to Arcade Block)


THE BOX DESIGN IS SO AMAZING! It looks like a Nintendo ES! I will admit that I wasn’t overly impressed with the contents, though. I really liked the Pac-Man shakers. I won’t actually use them, but I will display them on my bookshelf. I think the zipper pull is kind of neat, but I would honestly just use it as a key chain.


I have never played Kingdom Hearts, but I do know a lot about it. Because I’m a freak and need to know everything. I will wear it because it’s a t-shirt, but definitely not at conventions where people could ask if I play and I’m just like, “No.” hahaha.

I’m going to keep the Skylanders figure because my good friend, Nina, told me about Skylanders months ago and I never ended up getting my kids into it. She said something about it last week before I received the Arcade Block and then BAM. It’s like fate. I BELIEVE IN FATE. Okay.


As for the magazine and the CD… I will look at the magazine, but it’ll end up in my bookshelf for the rest of time. Maybe when my kids grow up they’ll want to read it. And who listens to CDs anymore?! I think maybe a code to download the music would have been good, but I don’t know. Maybe some of the subscribers would prefer a CD.

Overall, I wasn’t disappointed, but I also wasn’t enthusiastic about this month’s box. Subscription boxes seem to be a hit or miss type of thing because I have received pretty great things before.


They also have other boxes you can choose from if video games aren’t your thing:

  • Nerd Block Classic ($19.99 + shipping)
  • Arcade Block ($19.99 + shipping)
  • Horror Block ($19.99 + shipping)
  • Comic Block ($13.99 + shipping)
  • Nerd Block Jr. Girls OR Boys ($13.99 + shipping)

I have purchased the Nerd Block Jr. for my daughter in the past and the contents were AMAZING. I wanted the stuff for myself, it was that good! I hope in the future I can subscribe to Horror Block though… that kind of stuff is my favorite. ^_^

Are you subscribed to Arcade Block or any of the other Nerd Block subscriptions? Which is your favorite?

Giveaway! Zodiac Pendant Necklace

Custom Zodiac Pendant Necklace Giveaway by Quirky Koala

Yay! I’m doing another zodiac pendant necklace giveaway! The first one that I hosted was solely on Instagram, but I figured I would give away another one that is open to EVERYONE WORLDWIDE! I’m really excited, are you?

I absolutely love my zodiac necklace and wear it almost daily! I wanted something unique with my zodiac since I’ve always been into astrology and a crystal to give it that magical feel and to promote healing. It’s a very enchanted-witchy necklace, which is what I was going for when I made the necklace for myself. You can enter below for a chance to win one for yourself!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The giveaway is open to EVERYONE WORLDWIDE and will end on Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. If this giveaway can get 500+ entries, then I will choose TWO winners for a custom zodiac necklace! So promoting will actually give you a better chance at winning!

And if you don’t want to enter the giveaway, you can preorder a necklace in my Etsy shop by clicking the image below. The special preorder price is $7, but will be raised to the regular price of $10. :)

PREORDER Zodiac Pendant Necklace by Quirky Koala

Week 5/3-5/9 Recap


Something new that I’ll be doing is writing recap posts of my week. I want to document my life, even if some of the things aren’t really important. Just thought it would be interesting to do and look back on years from now. Especially since life is just passing us by so quickly!


There was a snake in my house and my cats thought it was a toy. I THOUGHT that they severed it because there was so much blood and a very significant gash, but the little guy was still intact. Although his tail was broken or so it looked.

I brought him outside and he hid under one of our planters. But I guess he came back out because one of my cats brought him back inside the house. >_< My husband came home and carried the snake into the woods, where hopefully he is safe and survived.

Oh and I witnessed the snake throw up... that was interesting to see. haha


I decided to try out the new s’mores frappuccino at Starbucks. It was pretty good, but a little TOO sweet for my liking. Felt more like a dessert to me, like most frappuccinos do. And way too expensive for even a size tall.


I logged into Klout to check my score (it’s 60/100 by the way!) and this lovely pop up happened. I was like, “That’s cool. I’m an expert in the topics Charlotte, Children, Food… Harry Potter?!?! HARRY POTTER!!”

I was a little too excited about that one. Harry Potter will always hold a special place in my heart.


I received my Arcade Block for April, which was a very long wait. The design on the box was exciting and definitely got me pumped up for what I would unbox inside. I’ll have a full post about the contents this Wednesday!

Some other highlights:

  • I had a consultation for surgery and it’s scheduled for the 19th at lunchtime. I’m nervous about it because I’ve never been under anesthesia before.
  • Currently halfway through season four of Charmed! It’s getting really good (my first time watching the series), but I miss Prue! D:
  • I took my kids to Chuck E Cheese’s on Saturday for mother’s day. It was really fun to be there again after 17 years! xD

How was your week? Tell me in the comments!